Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Security Plus Warranty: All parts of the car are covered under warranty; any mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, whether due to breakage or wear and tear (see conditions and coverage).

-Factory warranty: see manufacturer's conditions. The factory warranty has coverage until the date indicated or when the limit of km indicated by the manufacturer is reached ((consult) whichever occurs first)).

-Financing: formalisation costs and arrangement fee already included in the instalment. The discount for financing applies to private customers if applicable and depending on the interest rate and term chosen. Monthly instalment calculated through CaixaBank for a minimum of 60 months at 4.99% N.R. without discount or 8.99% N.R. with discount, always choosing the most favourable option for the Buyer. Discounted interest for taking out life insurance (not included in the instalment). If it has a discount and a down payment is made, the discount is reduced proportionally. Permanence of 18 months. Subject to the financing conditions and approval of the financial institution. The discount for financing is applied only if applicable and depending on the interest rate and financing term chosen.

-Return policy: the Buyer may return the vehicle within a maximum period of 15 calendar days or 1,000 kilometres travelled (whichever comes first). For vehicles whose power exceeds 120 kW (163 CV), the maximum period shall be 15 calendar days or 100 km driven (whichever comes first). The Seller will not accept the return of the Vehicle if the Vehicle is damaged in excess of €50. The return of the Vehicle entails a return fee of three hundred euros, corresponding to handling and cleaning costs. The cost of returning the vehicle will be free of charge if the Buyer decides to purchase another vehicle. Transport costs are always the responsibility of the Purchaser.

-Replacement vehicle: Martinsa Motor will provide a replacement vehicle free of charge while any intervention is being carried out under warranty to purchasers of passenger cars that have a Security Plus or Security warranty in force and who have their vehicle repaired in Martinsa Motor workshops (for vehicles with a factory warranty in force, the manufacturer will be the one to determine the use and conditions of the vehicle in accordance with its policy) Subject to availability. Requirements: age over 25 years old and European driving license with 2 years old and in force.

-The price offered is only valid, unless typographical error, for the current day, provided it is in stock at the time of the firm order.

-Price, features and equipment of the vehicles valid unless error or omission.

-The images displayed on this website may not be contractual and do not correspond to the vehicle offered.

-Consult the conditions and coverage of the Security Plus, Security or Classic warranties. Benefits no. 4, 5 and 6 do not apply to vehicles with factory warranty or Classic.

-This establishment has claim and complaint forms available to consumers or users who request them.

This establishment has claim and complaint forms available for consumers or users who may request for one.

-This commercial establishment has, at the disposal of the consumer who requests it, an individualised document for each vehicle on display, which indicates, among other information, the characteristics of the vehicle, its ownership, the guarantee that, where applicable, it has and its price.